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Brian Willie is an online marketing veteran with 12 years of experience successfully marketing companies, products and ideas online. He began his career in information marketing, learning very quickly that what drove sales online was traffic to a website and conversions.

When he found himself starting his own law practice in 2003, he saw an opportunity to quickly out market his competition online in the brand new realm of pay per click advertising. Google Adwords had just been launched and Brian dove in head first, quickly becoming an expert at how to get large amounts of targeted traffic to his website and then convert that traffic, all at a fraction of the cost of what his competitors were paying.

This success sparked others to inquire about his secret. In 2006, he was asked to become a marketing director at a struggling law firm in Austin, TX. In 18 months through a combination of a highly successful Adwords campaign and Search Engine Optimization, the firm was able to grow annual revenues from less than $175k per year to over $1.2 Million per year. Flash forward to 2016 and this practice now routinely does $175K months! This is now one of the most successful law practices in Austin and still a client of Attorney Profit Systems to this day.

From there, more and more clients took notice and the business began to rapidly grow. Brian estimates that he has now spent more than 10,000 hours constantly studying, training and implementing digital marketing strategies.

Brian’s personal philosophy is creating success without compromise, always in an ethical manner to create long term success for his clients.  He is very pleased that Attorney Profit System’s clients come mostly from referrals from other successful clients.

His greatest passion is helping other businesses have that “ah ha” moment where they realize just how important true digital marketing is to their business, and then diving in to help them achieve massive success!

Brian is happily married to his wife Aline and has a daughter, Sophia. He enjoys watching his daughter play softball, traveling with his wife, and playing with his hyper yellow lab, Lacy.